♦ CBSE AFFILIATION NO. : 1130985 ♦     ♦ SCHOOL CODE : 30931 ♦ 



The Great Visionaries

Our Mission

        Gautala valley school started on 16th June, 2013 with an aim to provide opportunities for the children of Kannad to become world citizens, devoid of prejudice, pursue education, thereby achieve to the full capacity, one’s physical, mental, social and aesthetic growth.  We believe that knowledge imparted in classrooms and playgrounds through books , through the living and caressing touch of the teachers must penetrate from the head to the heart and translate itself into living experiences of brotherliness and find true happiness in selfless service of humanity and honest living.   Thus everyone who crosses the portals of this Institution must burn like a candle for his family and country-men.  May Gautala Valley School , located on the picturesque landscape of Kannad, in the heart of nature, be a beacon light for the people of Aurangabad and for our dear Motherland.

From the Principal’s Desk

Our Vision​

“Come in to learn, go out to serve”. Gautala Valley School is a second home to every child ,where he is given the love and care to grow and develop into a full-grown bloom . The gardeners, the teachers, tend to every one’s special needs .They help the child break the shell of their self and discover the pearl within. That will lead them to the true happiness of life. This, we try to achieve through our life and example. When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost and when character is lost, everything is lost. This is the value we impart at Gautala Valley school. Be pure as the waters of the River Ganga, preserve your royalty and nobility like the majestic tiger never bending your heads to any menial acts, enjoying the true happiness of life like the peacock , looking up to the sun, the divine, for its life and spreading its fragrance and beauty far and wide like the lotus, thus enjoying a long and well-lived life like the banyan. This is our wish and prayer for everyone who crosses the portals of this school.